Research and Development Organization Participation

The Department participates in the following organizations related to research and development activities:


Expertise and Publications

The faculty and students of the Department conduct research in a number of areas. For more information, select one of the following:

Research Groups

Institute for Advanced Education in Geospatial Sciences: Dr. Pamela B. Lawhead. Development of courses and infrastructure for Web-based instruction. Funding by NASA and other sources.

Analysis and Visualization Research Group: Dr. Philip J. Rhodes. Development of systems and algorithms for efficient access to large multidimensional scientific datasets to support analysis and visualization. Current work focuses on access to both local and remote datasets. Funding by NSF and Homeland Security.

Bioinfornatics Research Group: Dr. Dawn E. Wilkins and Dr. Yixin Chen. Research on use of machine learning techniques in analysis of microarray data, bioinformatics, and computational biology. Funding by NIH and NSF.

Software Architecture Research Group: Dr. H. Conrad Cunningham. Research on development of software families, domain-specific languages, component-based software, and distributed systems.

Distributed Operating Systems Research Group:. P. Tobin Maginnis. Development of Performance-Oriented Distributed Operating Systems (PODOS). Linux clusters for high integrity, high availability, and high performance. Migration of Linux and open source software technology into business.

Intelligent Multimedia Research Group: Dr. Yixin Chen and Dr. Jianxia Xue. Analysis and retrieval of audio, image, and video data using pattern recognition and machine learning techniques. Funding by NSF.

Distributed Virtual Systems Research Group: Dr. Paul M. Ruth. Research on machine virtualization and virtual computation environments for distributed and high-performance applications. Current work focuses on enabling fault-tolerant virtual systems and green virtual systems that optimize power consumption of HPC computing centers.

Heterogeneous Systems Research (HEROES) Laboratory: Dr. Byunghyun Jang. Research on hardware architecture and compilers for CPU-GPU heterogeneous system, and high-performance computing. Current work focuses on optimizing GPU/HSA memory architecture and accelerating computer vision applications on mobile GPUs. Funding by industries and NSF.

Conference and Workshop Hosting