LaTeX Skills Seminar

Time: 2:00 PM

Date: October 11, 2017

Location: 106 Weir Hall

David Troendle will be presenting a LaTeX Skills Seminar. He is a guest lecturer in the Research Methods in Computer Science class (Engr 694). This skills seminar is open to any faculty or staff member or graduate or undergraduate student in the department who wishes to attend.

Abstract: LaTeX is a markup language widely used for the production of research papers for journals and conferences. TeX was originally written by Donald Knuth and later significantly expanded by Leslie Lamport, which he called LaTeX. Both are highly regarded computer scientists. The document creation strategy is similar to HTML, although the markup commands are different. (LaTeX predates HTML.) The presentation’s objective is the fastest possible transfer of LaTeX skills. To prepare for the presentation, you should download and install a LaTeX IDE suitable for your OS. Some good ones are: –

  • Texmaker (Linux/Mac/Windows)
  • TeXStudio (Fork of Texmaker) (Linux/Mac/Windows) (This PDF was prepated using TeXStudio. I will use this IDE in the presentation.)
  • WinEdt (Windows)

Major features are: –

  • LaTeX-aware editor.
  • Helps with structure, equations, etc.
  • Single key compile to PDF.

Do yourself a favor. Bring your laptop to class and try some of the samples and prepare a checklist of questions you want answered.