Media Art: Relationship Between Art and Tech

Speaker: Valerie Polgar

Time and Date: 3:00 PM, Friday, September 15, 2017

Location: 235 Weir Hall

Abstract: The speaker will be discussing what new media art is and mention notable artists in the field that began actively implementing the use of technology in their work—noting how the relationship between art and tech has a long history. She will talk a bit about her background and how her interests and education shaped the work that she creates. She will also talk about the tools that are made and used by new media artists. Finally, she will end by talking about misbits: a new media art space—how it began, what it is, and future goals.

Bio: Valerie Guinn Polgar is a new media artist and educator. She received her BFA in Digital Art from George Mason University in 2007 and her MFA in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts in 2010. As an interdisciplinary new media artist, Valerie uses video, animation, physical computing, and programming to create digital and interactive works. Valerie is also the founder and director of misbits: a new media art space, located in Oxford Mississippi, that serves as a gallery space and as an educational space that promotes art created through the use of technology and collaboration.