CIS Seminar - Security and Privacy in Location-based Services

CIS Seminar

3:00 PM, Friday April 1 2016
235 Weir Hall

Security and Privacy in Location-based Services

Abstract: With the development of localization techniques, networks, and mobile computing, an increasing number of location-related services emerge. In a foreseeable future, once Smart City and Inter of Things were commercialized, inevitably there will be more and more location-related services. However, the current systems of location-based services involve both privacy and security issues. From a user point of view, their location privacy, especially the visiting histories of some sensitive locations, may be disclosed by malicious attackers. Most people intuitively believe that the location privacy is preserved once they turned off the location-based services. This talk will show you that the intuition is wrong when an attacker knows the social information of a target user and his friends. Further, based on Information Theory, I will provide a quantity analysis about the amount of information disclosure. From the system point of view, the functionality of certain applications could be destroyed if malicious users insert tampered location data into their system. In this talk, I will introduce an approach to verify the trustworthiness of data. By the end of the talk, I will propose several potential research directions under this topic.

Bio: Wei Chang is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Temple University. Currently, he is applying for the tenure-track Assistant Professor position at University of Mississippi. His research interests include social information-assisted system design, design and analysis of secure distributed systems, and data privacy. He has published 16 papers in major conferences and journals, such as ICPP and TPDS. At Temple University, he has taught four different and a total of 15 courses, including data structure, discrete mathematics, web programming, and operating systems.