CIS Seminar - Latex Skills Seminar

CIS Seminar

3:00 PM, Wednesday February 24 2016
235 Weir Hall

Latex Skills Seminar

1. Introduction to the mark-up language approach to authoring.
2. User friendly editing environments.
3. Basic structure of a LaTex document.
4. Introduction to packages.
5. Some package examples.
6. Tables.
7. Equations.
8. Figures.
9. Using Google to solve problems.
10. Bibtex and bibliography management.

Bio: David Troendle received his BS and MS degrees in mathematics from the University of New Orleans (UNO). He served as an adjunct instructor in the UNO Computer Science department for 25 years, teaching assembly language, operating systems, networking and computer architecture.

David also worked at the LSU Health Sciences Center for 43 years, where he served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for 27 years. He was responsible for the administrative systems for the two academic campuses and Louisiana's nine public hospitals, including New Orleans' Charity Hospital.

After retiring he moved to Olive Branch, MS in August, 2011. In August, 2013 he joined Dr. Jang's research team as a PhD student. His research focuses on the memory hierarchy, especially cache replacement policies and cache coherence protocols. He has completed his course work, and recently passed his comprehensive exam.

David is usually on campus Wednesdays and Fridays in Weir 209.