CIS Seminar - EASTWeb Framework – A Plug-in Framework for Constructing Geospatial Health Applications

Computer Science Alumni Lecture

Yi Liu, PhD
Associate Professor, Electrical Enginering and Computer Science
South Dakota State University

3:00 PM, Wednesday October 14 2015
235 Weir Hall

EASTWeb Framework – A Plug-in Framework for Constructing Geospatial Health Applications

Abstract: Disease maps and forecasts developed using satellite remote sensing data can inform the decisions of public health officials and improve disease control and epidemic response. However, potential users in the health science fields face a variety of barriers to accessing earth science datasets, including a lack of remote sensing expertise, limited time and resources to acquire the needed skills, and limited access to necessary software.

The open-source, client-based software Epidemiological Applications of Spatial Technologies (EASTWeb) was developed to automate the retrieval, processing, and storage of satellite remote sensing data for public health research and applications. In order to improve the system, there is a need to expand the types of earth observation data that EASTWeb can process so that it can be used more broadly in a wide range of geospatial health applications. The EASTWeb framework introduces novel plugins and a plugin factory to provide users a convenient way to customize the framework into applications for different earth science data streams.

This presentation talks about the detailed design of the plugin framework and its four sub-frameworks, and a scheduler that controls the working threads. As a case study, an application with six plugins for six different earth observation products is constructed to demonstrate how the EASTWeb framework can be easily extended to support different data streams. It will also provide examples of environmental indicators that have been generated using EASTWeb to support forecasting of West Nile virus outbreaks in the United States and malaria epidemics in the Ethiopian highlands.

Bio: Dr. Yi Liu is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at South Dakota State University. She received her Ph.D. degree in Engineering Science with Computer Science emphasis at University of Mississippi in 2005. Her research interests include software engineering with specific interests in software frameworks, software design patterns, and component-oriented software development; geospatial data processing; web development; and semantic web. Dr. Yi Liu has published over 30 research papers and served as the workshop/tutorial program chair in ACM SouthEast Conference 2010 as well as technical program committee member in Java PPPJ Conference 2006-2007 and in ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC) 2016.