Chuck the Champion

Dr. Charles Jenkins overcomes obstacles and gives back to Ole Miss Engineering. See the great article about Chuck on the University of Mississippi News at

Chuck has served the Computer and Information Science Department and its students in many ways.  He taught the Programming for Engineering and Science course part-time in the latter 1990s. And then the taught full-time from 2003 until 2008, with his courses ranging from introductory programming to our upper-division software engineering course.  His teaching is always grounded in his practical experience as an engineer and software consultant.

Chuck earned a computer science MS degree in 2007 and a PhD in 2010.  He has since served ably on the Engineering Advisory Board computer science committee. He is a great friend of Ole Miss Computer Science.

In Memoriam Chuck Jenkins (7/10/2015). We are very saddened to learn that Chuck Jenkins passed away last night. Although Chuck lost the battle with the cancer that ravaged his body, he is still very much a champion.  He is remembered as a man of great integrity and faith, a consummate professional, a loving husband and father, a friend to many.  He will be sorely missed! And he will be long remembered. Our thoughts and prayers go to Sherry, C.J., Luke, and other family members and friends.