CIS Seminar - Various Techniques On Discovering Important Biomarkers: A Survey

CIS Seminar
3:00 PM, Wednesday Apr. 15 2015
235 Weir Hall

Title: Various Techniques On Discovering Important Biomarkers: A Survey

The state of the art of Computational biology plays a significant role in the discovery of new bio-markers, the analysis of disease states and the validation of potential bio-markers. Bio-markers are used to measure the progress of disease or the effects of therapeutic intervention in the course of treatment of disease. They are also employed to be used as an early signs for preventing various diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer' s disease. In addition, biomarkers discovery is highly computationally intensive and a numbers of data analysis and machine learning techniques are being employed. In this review, we review recent several computational biology applications in research on bio-markers discovery. A brief discussion of each of the common techniques (e.g., Fold change, Alignment, Algorithmic ) which are commonly used in many applications to bio-markers discovery are given and followed by a description of future directions.

Christopher Ma is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Mississippi, who is currently working for Dr. Dawn E. Wilkins and Dr. Yixin Chen.  He received his bachelor degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Hong Kong. His research interests include statistical machine learning, bioinformatics, data mining and computational and persistent homology.