Seminar - Introduction to Intellectual Properties

CIS Seminar
4:00 PM, Tuesday Apr. 14 2015
235 Weir Hall

Title: Introduction to Intellectual Properties

Bio: Asad Nawaz is a Supervisory Patent examiner in Electrical Technology Center 2400. In that role, Asad supervises 15 remote and onā€campus patent examiners who work on patent applications directed towards VOIP and multiplexing technologies. Asad has been lead Trainer for labs in the Patent Training Academy at the Alexandria Campus of USPTO. Additionally, Asad was the Trainer for the inaugural class at the Rocky Mountain Regional Office in Denver, Colorado.
Asad began his career in 2004 examining applications in the Network communications area. In 2012, Asad became the Supervisory Patent Examiner of Art Unit 2468 which comprised of hybrid examiners examining multiple disciplines in addition to VOIP and multiplexing technologies. Asad also works with EPO counterparts as a Quality Nominee on the Cooperate Patent Classification System. Additionally, Asad is part of the Search Design Council of the Patents End to End initiative.
Mr. Nawaz received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance from George Mason University. He has completed his doctoral coursework in Information Technology with a focus in Network Security and is conducting research in Verifiable Anonymity in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.