CIS Workshop: Big Data Hadoop MapReduce Hands-On

CIS Workshop:

Nov. 15 2014 Sat. 8:30am to 6pm
235 Weir Hall

Title: Big Data Hadoop MapReduce Hands-On

Abstract: Learn the fundamentals of distributed computing hands-on by getting into the internals of one of most popular open-source Big Data tools - Apache Hadoop. The workshop concludes by giving a practical step-by-step procedure in launching a full Hadoop cluster on Google Cloud and processing Gigabytes of data in no time. Topics include

     - Fundamentals of HDFS distributed file system
     - Fundamentals of Hadoop
     - Internals of MapReduce
     - How MapReduce works and the components of the system
     - Writing and running a basic MapReduce job (in Java)
     - Creating a cluster of laptops to run a job in true distributed mode
     - Process 1 billion rows of data using just laptop(s)
     - Tweaking the cluster config parameters to understand its effect on the performance
     - Google Cloud - Launching a Hadoop cluster and running a MapReduce job

Speaker: Mr. Arun Buduri

University of Mississippi alumnus Arun Buduri (MSCSI ’00) is currently a Venture Accelerator collaborating with early stage startups to take their product to the market.

Since graduating from UM 14 years ago, Buduri has worked for Nortel in the Dallas area. He moved on to Microsoft in the Seattle area, where Buduri honed his expertise in technical management. Returning to his native India, he worked in various leadership positions at Ingersoll Rand before becoming director of architecture and program management for Indix, a Seattle-based Big Data startup.

Arun's endeavor is to share his Big Data experience and knowledge with the academia and the general public via free workshops. While such hands-on workshops typically cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per person elsewhere, he runs a successful Meetup group - FREE Big Data Hands-On Workshops ( Google is sponsoring his workshops with a $500 Google Cloud credit to all attendees. He conducts these workshops across US, India and Nepal and plans to expand to other countries early next year.