Admission FAQs

MS/PhD Admission Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the guideline to be admitted to your graduate program?

Admission to our graduate program requires official scores on the GRE general exam, a TOEFL or IELTS exam score (for individuals whose native language is not English), official transcripts, an application, etc. More information on the application process is available at and

2. What would be the score required on the tests to get into your program?

For individuals whose native language is not English, the university has the following minimum requirements on full admission: TOEFL Internet Based (IB) 79-80, TOEFL Computer Based (CB) 213, TOEFL Paper Based (PB) 550, or IELTS 6. Students whose score falls below will be required to enter the English as a Second Language (ESL) Program prior to academic enrollment.  There is no minimum requirement on GRE score. We evaluate the applications for a particular semester and admit students who are competitive with the pool of applicants for that semester.

3. I don’t have a BS degree in computer science (CS). But I have taken some computer science courses. What is my chance of getting admitted to your graduate program?

We receive applications from individuals with a non-CS background almost every year. Some of our current graduate students do not have a BS degree in CS. If an applicant has a degree in engineering, mathematics, or a related area, a good GPA, and basic CS background, the applicant will be treated in the same fashion as other individuals with a CS degree. In determining “basic CS background”, we look for evidences that demonstrate the understanding of computer programming, data structure, algorithms, operating system, computing languages, theory of computation, and computer organization. An individual lacking in one or more of the above areas may be “conditionally admitted” to our graduate program provided that the information we collect about the individual from his or her materials shows high promise that the individual can succeed in our program. For more information, please visit

4. How can I obtain an RA/TA/GI position in the department? (RA - research assistant, TA - Teacher Assistant, GI – Graduate Instructorships.)

The department has limited TAs, GIs, and RAs positions. The number of openings at a particular point in time varies depending upon budget, how many supported students are continuing from the previous semester, levels of external funding at that point in time, what work we have that needs to be done, etc. All applicants for assistantships need to fill out an online application at

5. Is there an automatic waiving of out-of-state tuition if I were to get one of these positions?

Yes, there are tuition benefits to assistantship appointments. The nonresident portion is waived and some or all of the other tuition is waived depending upon the level of support.

6. How much would a student earn at your University?

It varies based on the education and skills of the student, type of job, source of the money, etc. Quarter-time (10 hour per week) Teaching Assistantships (TAs) might draw stipends of $2500 for a semester plus a nonresident tuition waiver and a waiver of 75% of the resident tuition.  Half-time( 20-hours per week) would be $5000 with a full tuition waiver. Graduate Instructorships (GIs) pay slightly more than TA positions (These are for students with at least 18 graduate hours and who are instructors of record for classes).  Research Assistant (RA) positions are externally funded. They may pay higher than GI depending on the budgets of the funded projects.

7. Does the university give a stipend or housing for graduate students?

The university does not provide stipend or housing for graduate students. However, the department has limited TAs, GIs, and RAs positions. Please refer to Question 4 above for the process of applying for assistantships.

8. What would the requirement be for me to get a TA/GI/RA position in your department?

We use of combination of GRE scores, previous grades, previous courses taken in computer science and mathematics, and other information we can collect about the applicant from his or her materials in determining whether to give an assistantship to an admitted individual.