Heterogeneous Computing Course

Dr. Byung Jang will teach a graduate course on Heterogeneous Computing in Fall 2012.

Computer architects find the future of high-performance energy-efficient computing in heterogeneous systems such as AMD’s APU, NVIDIA’s Tegra, and Intel’s Sandy/Ivy Bridge. This course will walk the students through the power of these emerging systems and let them learn core 3 components of the platform including high-level programming, code optimization, and underlying hardware architectures. In particular, the course will emphasize on GPUs that are at the center of current heterogeneous computing, and discuss how GPUs archive unprecedented levels of GFLOPs/Watt and GFLOPs/$.

The course Engr 692-63, Special Topics in Engineering Science II, will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm in Weir 106.