CS Jobs Among Best in 2010

A computer science education prepares graduates for some of the best jobs and careers today.

CareerCast.com recently rated the 200 best jobs for 2010. Coming in at numbers 2 and 3 are Software Engineer and Computer Systems Analyst. Web Developer is ranked 15 and Computer Programmer 34.

In the November 2009 issue of Money (see CNNMoney.com), ten of the top forty jobs are in the information technology sector.

In the Computing Community Consortium blog post Where the jobs are, Ed Lazowska, after analyzing the November 2009 Bureau of Labor Statistcs forecast of job growth, writes, "among all occupations in all fields of science and engineering, computer science occupations are projected to account for nearly 60% of all job growth between now and 2018."

Despite the nation's economic ups and downs, demand for well-trained computer scientists continues to increase. See the Academics page for more information about the computer science degree programs at The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and the Future Students page for information about admission and other aspects of studying computer science at Ole Miss.