Call for Senior Projects

The Department is open for suggestions of Computer Science Senior Projects for Spring 2010.

Dr. Paul Ruth, a professor of Computer and Information Science at Ole Miss, will teach the Department's capstone course (CSci 487, Senior Project) in the Spring 2011 semester. Currently, he is assembling a list of project ideas to suggest to the students when they arrive back on campus.

Senior Project is a service-learning design experience for the computer science seniors. The students apply what they have learned in their undergraduate studies to understand and solve a "real world" computing problem. If you have a project you would like to propose and sponsor, please contact Dr. Ruth at or at 662-915-5355.

The project should involve an amount of work equivalent to what would be expected of a first or second semester Senior in a three-hour course. It must be achievable within the scope of the spring semester.

The project may involve any aspect of computing, but should certainly involve nontrivial programming or the integration of existing software and hardware components.

We welcome web applications provided they involve more than static pages (plain HTML). The projects can be exploratory or investigatory -- in other words, they do not have to result in the delivery of a finished computer program. Our students are usually most comfortable working in the Java programming language, but they will be encouraged to consider projects in other languages if appropriate to the project.

According to Department policy, the student cannot receive pay for the work.

This experience is a vital component of our students' transition from college to career.

Thank you for your assistance!

Contact information:

Paul Ruth, Assistant Professor
Department of Computer and Information Science
University of Mississippi
211 Weir Hall
University, Mississippi 38677