IT Career Advice from the WSJ

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that "careers in the IT field are expected to grow significantly in the next decade—jobs in computer software engineering, for example, are expected to grow by 32% by 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And every company or organization has a computer-related component that's critical for getting the job done. "

Here are are few other insightful quotes from the article.

"A strong background in the technical fundamentals of computer science and programming ... are obviously important for success in the field. But a creative brain and an ambition to stay updated on the newest advances in the field ... are also key, according to recruiters and IT employees. That's because there's never [just] one way to solve a problem and technologies are constantly evolving."

"It's also important that you can communicate and work well with others, because you'll likely be working in a group with other programmers, engineers, or architects. And don't expect to arrive at an interview with strong grades as the main proof of your desirability as a candidate — be prepared to show hiring managers your code from a class project or a student competition (read: get involved with activities outside of your core course load) or a program you created in your spare time."

"[Y]ou don't have to stick just to tech companies for prospective jobs—you can also take your programming skills and apply them in another field."

"Recruiters say it can be a plus to have a sense of the creative side—the graphic design elements that compliment programming. But be cautious about focusing only on the latest hot tools. ... Karen Morris, the university relations director at gaming company Electronic Arts, ... points out, 'Who knows if we will use Flash in a few years?'"

"[I]f you have a background in both computer science and marketing or business, you'll be an in-demand hire."

"[R]ecruiters emphasize that ambitious and hardworking entry level hires can make an impact and advance quickly if they show the talent and the drive to continue taking on more responsibilities."

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