CIS Seminar: Tony Tian, 15 Sep

"The Globus Toolkit R-Tree for Partial Spatial Replica Selection"

3:00 p.m., 15 September, 2010
Weir 235

"Tony" Yun Tian. PhD student
Department of Computer and Information Science

This is a preview of a paper Tian will present at the GRID 2010 conference.

Abstract: Partial Replicas have been used to parallelize access to regions of large spatial data sets on geographically distributed machines, saving network bandwidth and improving data availability. In this paper, we present the Globus Toolkit R-tree, (GTR-tree) to efficiently select partial replicas using the Globus Toolkit Replica Location Service (RLS) middleware. First, the limitations inherent in the Globus RLS service for spatial data are analyzed, motivating the usefulness of the GTR-tree for solving the partial replica selection problem. We then describe our implementation of the R-tree data structure on top of an unmodified Globus RLS. The R-tree is an important data structure for spatial computation, and results in very significant performance gains. Our performance results and evaluation demonstrate enormous improvements for spatial replica selection over a plain RLS.

Biography: "Tony" Yun Tian is a Ph.D student in the Department of  Computer and Information Science, who is currently working with Dr. Rhodes as a graduate research assistant. Tony received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Management in 2006 from Fudan University and his Master degree of Science in Applied Computer Technology from Shanghai Teachers University in 2008.  His research interests include large scientific data management in grid computing system, replica selection, out of core visualization, distributed and parallel programming, and GPGPU applications.