Brain-Computer Interface Research

CIS researchers are experimenting with the use of brainwaves to control robots and other devices. This is an exciting new multidisciplinary research project on brain-computer interfaces (BCI) that involves researchers from CIS, Psychology, Exercise Science, and other areas. See the University NewsDesk article "Researchers Aim to Use Brainwaves and Computers to Treat Brain-Based Disorders" for more information.

The participants in this research project include CIS Department faculty members Dr. Yixin Chen and Dr. Pamela Lawhead, affiliated research faculty member Dr. Dwight Waddell, IAEGS staff members Chris Reichley (PhD student) and Aikmin Choong (MS graduate), recent MS graduates Shengnan Dou and Joseph Smith, and current PhD students Fei Teng and Jason Boyd. Group members presented three posters on their research at the The Fourth International BCI Meeting in Asilomar, California, in May 2010.

This collaboration grew, in part, from Dr. Chen's classes on robotics. In the Spring 2009 and Spring 2010 semesters, Dr. Chen taught special topics courses on robotics. The undergraduate and graduate students in these 500-level classes both learned about robotics techniques and built robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT robot kits. The Spring 2010 class included experiments to control the robots via brainwaves, an effort associated with the BCI project. These classes illustrate how the Department weaves theoretical study, hands-on application, and current research into many of its course offerings.