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Computer Science Degree Programs

The Department of Computer and Information Science, an academic unit of the School of Engineering, offers two undergraduate degree programs in computer science:

  1. Through the School of Engineering, we offer the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) degree. This is an ABET/CAC-accredited professional degree in computer science.
  2. Through the College of Liberal Arts, we offer a major in computer science within the Bachelor of the Arts (BA) degree program.


Beginning Fall 2020, an optional emphasis will be available for the BSCS degree. Initially, two emphases will be offered:

  • Computer Security
  • Data Science

To earn an emphasis, a student must fulfill 15 hours of CSci 300+ electives. Note that a student may earn at most ONE emphasis on the BSCS degree.

Computer Science Minor

In addition to the two degree programs, the Department has also defined a minor in computer science that is available to BA students with any major (except computer science) and to students in some other degree programs with optional or required minors. This minor consists of CSci 111, CSci 112, CSci 211, CSci 223, and six additional hours of computer science courses at the 200-level or above.

An optional minor in computer science is available to the civil, chemical, electrical, geological, and mechanical engineering students, except to students in the computer engineering emphasis within the BSEE program.

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