What Computer Scientists Do

What Computer Scientists Do

Graduates with a degree in computer science are prepared for a wide variety of computer-related careers, such as software engineer, programmer, systems analyst, systems or network administrator, web developer, and database administrator. Computer scientists work as designers, researchers, and managers, using their technical expertise and creative insights to develop the technologies that shape the future, to help scientists unlock the secrets of the universe, and to build the innovative products that are central to contemporary life.

Statistics show that despite the nation's economic ups and downs, demand for well-trained computer scientists continues to increase. The November 2009 issue of Money reports that ten of the top forty "best jobs in America" are in jobs in the information technology sector, related to computer science. In the Computing Community Consortium blog post Where the jobs are, Ed Lazowska, after analyzing the November 2009 Bureau of Labor Statistcs forecast of job growth, writes, "among all occupations in all fields of science and engineering, computer science occupations are projected to account for nearly 60% of all job growth between now and 2018."

Recent Ole Miss computer science graduates have been hired by major companies such as Federal Express, Wal-Mart, International Paper, Yahoo, and Acxiom. Many also begin work with smaller companies in Mississippi and in other parts of the country. Other bachelor's degree graduates choose to continue in academia, many geting so involved in the program that they stay at Ole Miss through graduate school.

See the Future Students page for information about studying computer science at Ole Miss.

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