Note: This page is a work in progress.

How to set up home web directory

Every user who has access to the Turing server also has their own personal web space. Users can create, build and test web sites and web applications from their own home folder at the url "http://turing.cs.olemiss.edu/~username".

To enable this, first from the root of your home folder, create a "public_html" folder.

cd ~
mkdir public_html

All files that are stored in this directory will be publicly available through your url. To make them available though, the apache user (the user that the Apache Web Server runs as) needs to be able to access them. Set the permissions so that the world can have read and execute access on them. You also have to give the world execute privilege to your home folder.

chmod 705 public_html
chmod 701 ~

Now you should be to access your Turing website at http://turing.cs.olemiss.edu/~username