User Accounts

Department Computing Facilities User Accounts

The Department of Computer and Information Science has servers and labs available for computer science undergraduate and graduate students, as well as non-majors taking Computer Science courses. Non-majors can only receive accounts on systems that are being used in their classes.

Accounts are created directly from class rosters or by special request of the Faculty or Instructor for a class. If a student was not created using the class roster because they were not on it, the Faculty or Instructor may request the account by submitting a Support Ticket with the student's name and OleMiss email account.

ALL ACCOUNTS EXPIRE AT THE END OF EACH SEMESTER. Accounts are renewed based on class rosters or by special request. Students can submit requests to and they will be addressed individually.

The network administration team will attempt to fulfill all account requests within one business day. Feel free to contact a network administrator if you have any questions.