Dr. Pam Lawhead

I began my academic career in 1982 as an instructor in the department of computer and information science and in 1994 joined the ranks of the professorial staff of that department. My research interests lie primarily in educational applications of the web and emerging technologies in the delivery of online education. Marrying my backgrounds in philosophy and computer science I have pursued interests of gender in science as well as the relationships between languages and programming. I have authored multiple papers and led international working groups on issues in computer science education. My early interests in Web design and development have resulted in statewide and national awards for web design. My team currently supports more than 25 online courses in geospatial sicence, creates online courses for others, maintains the Alice 2.2 effort and has just begun a new adventure in robotics.  
While I am enjoying the research that I am doing, my first love is teaching. I spend many long hours working with graduate and undergraduate students on their projects, their career goals and their many varied and interesting activities. Nothing makes me happier than to watch a bright, energetic student wrestle with a new idea and gradually come to understand it. I simply love that process. 

Office: 373 Kinard Hall
Office Phone: 662-915-5356
Fax: 662-915-3901
Email: lawhead at cs dot olemiss dot edu
Mailing Address: Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Mississippi
201 Weir Hall, University, MS 38677, U. S. A.

Additional information about me and my current work may be found at: The IAEGS Website - our Geospatial Courses

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